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What’s Creating ?

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Tuesday 20 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Creating is to awaken something new. Creative reason is that distinguishes the animal from the human. The human is the only person on Earth capable to realize his dreams.

So dreams must be creative, for us to become Human. For dreams not to be a mess, you need calm and serenity, music that makes you think to act, read something that makes you evolve, meditate on what you have done, in order to build your plans for tomorrow, your dreams. We plan that we’ll do later with our dreams, to plan small projects that make it possible to achieve our dreams. Every morning, we tell each other that we do in the day, according to our plans.

In order to create better, dialogue with others is very important. It is the unusual that allows you to create. To create is to adapt the world to your dreams.

My Notes

Try to find a creative dream in yourself. Write a project.