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Becoming Wealthy

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Friday 2 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

According to Henry Charles Carey, wealth is knowing how to use that we have. Indeed, what is about owning something that we do not use ? To become rich, you need to know how to use instruments or tools. The manual work allows to diversify your mind while linking into it.

Entrepreneurs easily associate humans with each other. They always associate in their minds. Researchers are true find-it-all children, able to teach while creating complex tools. Teachers can awaken children if they love their passion. A good teacher wants the child to be better than him. He is passionate about raising children all the time. The farmer knows how to manage his farming business, while creating a lot of activity around him. The engineer is the one who prepares the work, who knows how to do everything in the company. He prepares the farmer’s work, who is also an engineer. He is passionate about improving his work and that of society.

My Notes

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