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Here are new answers to grow your creativity. After writing, it is about singing, conceiving around or playing accessible music, in order to flourish. When we create, we understand each other by our truth’s research. This book allows you to be interested about creativity, giving you the way to become or stay creative. You can then become more ingenious than an engineer, as interested and philosophical as an artist, as Plato conceived it.

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Creative Studies
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Article published on 28 October 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

A well-designed study was requested by the students. Indeed, Homo Sapiens only understands himself with his ability to organize society. The teacher must then transmit his students’ demands, with a true citizen’s manual, allowing himself and his students to strengthen their ego and knowledge.


Poetry makes it possible to understand his meaning. If you write poetry yourself, in a writing workshop, you end up directly with our senses’ vision, which you often find it badly at the beginning. To get yourself to what allows you to grow makes you want to understand yourself, to break down the barriers of emotivity that make you fearful. At the end growth will be a leitmotiv.

If you write a poem and you are unsure, you may find more confidence, because rereading you permits to realize that a truth that has come discreetly reveals itself to you. Either it is about rewriting to find out more about this truth, or our uncertainty becomes certainty. If you write a poem when you are confident, you may doubt about your certainty. So poetry allows us to find harmony, to tune our senses with our thoughts. We will then go towards understanding his spirit, through writing, architecture and songs.

If we seek the truth, imagining and then writing a poetry, which allows to understand ourselves, we can find better than understanding ourselves, that is to say a mature and optimistic reflection about ourselves. We’ll read each other again later and see each other like the other. Indeed, we will have forgotten that we wrote. Then, we have selected writings read. This allows you to grow.

Writing and platonic reflection

Associated with a pedagogy of Freinet, but also of Steiner, the writing, with a platonic reflection, allows to blossom. Seeking first a truth, then its truth, then the truth, permits to understand himself in order to understand others, in order to grow, to become rational. Then you learn to learn, learning about yourself and others, and vice versa.

At first we look for a truth, because our mind doesn’t feel involved enough to help us. The risk is that we will want to swallow any transgressive truth, to end up denying that is certain and that is scientific in our world. Theologians then tell us about the just’s paradise, of the technician’s creativity.

When our mind seeks its truth, it calls us to find answers to questions we have asked ourselves, which are paramount for our happiness and that of others. When we find an answer’s beginning, we can then open up our mind, discover that is hidden behind it, that our mind wants to reveal to us, because it then creates links between the various unanswered ideas. We have therefore found a superior idea, for our mind, that it is then necessary to discuss, with our surroundings and others, to improve it.

The others will be attached to another idea of our mind, more important to them. A superior scientific hypothesis can then be grown to solve scientific problems. Seeking for truth then becomes truth’s research. We had to believe in life to achieve this result. The religion’s serenity can allow himself to believe in life, to be able to create this dynamic research becoming the truth. Then faith and reason unite. The Blessed finds the truth with the others.

We should all think like platonic scientists, to act politically. The greatest discoverers were politically engaged. They knew that politics influenced them. Every civilized person acts while testing hypotheses, knowing who influenced them. We end up questioning, discussing with children, a part of her learning.

The human creativity’s history

Nations’ history, creative reason, development and Peace provides a better co-development and nation states’s understanding . This story has been removed for a large part of the educational studies. The French must seek the bases of France and Res Publica, the public thing, including the public domain, free licenses now.

Indeed Mazarin, Colbert, but also Turgot the colbertist financier, have been practically erased from our history books since 1791. Yet Mazarin created peace under Louis XIV, recognizing nation-states and co-development. This required trade’s freedom through the seigneurial drain’s abolition. The Westphalia’s peace by Mazarin created a lasting peace. Colbert and Vauban were promoted afterwards. The oligarchy wanted to erase this memory afterwards, promoting liberalism destroying nation states. In the 19th century, France became again imperialist, because of Napoleon and his liberalism. Imperialism benefits only to an ever smaller people’s part. The right to creative reason was recognized in 1848.

In 2013, The Nineteenth is blur, both for the americans and the French. In the same way, even the students of the Jean Jaurès or Mendès France ’s schools, do not know enough that were these politicians’ steps. In April 2015, algebra was always a science at polytechnique, but geometry is better. Worse, the questions about the 30 glorious ones remain unanswered, for many workers. Workers then think that the 30 glorious ones are due to war. On the other hand, many politicians in the political schools do not know state capitalism. They then refer to productive communism, as in the United States.

French kings from monarchical Republics created Public Profit, then public domain, then Res Publica. This public Profit created Guise’s "familistère", so the first full Social Insurance factory. The resistance then created social security, thanks to the industries and the planned energy flow density of the nuclear. The disabled then gets the French to become citizens again, according to the National Council of the Resistance’s determinism, led by De Gaulle, taking back Jean Jaurès.

The Greek culture of beauty, derived from Asian religious philosophy, allows us to understand beauty as a better future. This future allows the human being to flourish. Without separating beauty from our senses, we fall into short way culture. Beauty is mind’s beauty and its movement, this ability to rise, with discoveries that the Mind provides upon ourselves, in order to become better seeking for truth, and the artistic, while writing poems and music, through scientific philosophy.

Such a culture makes it possible to anticipate future, to know its rights, how achievements could be accepted by leaders. Also, it allows to know its primordial duties towards our civilization, because development is Labor’s economy, which creates a protected industry which do not need slaves. With peace’s history and nations, we become responsible, humble, militant, humanist. We’re interested about the real economy, so the physical economy, so the productive economy. It is the physical economy that allows the great works, in order to increase living’s standard, to increase people.

On the other hand, an imperialist oligarchy does not accept the history’s creative leaders, or those who might become creative leaders. This society’s type, organized with traffic, consists to buy cheap so to sell expensive, according to the quality/price ratio, self-destroyed because pressuring production. These concepts are still helping to promote trade in 2015, in order to buy the right products in the right places.


The architecture associated with geometry allows to know how to create a society or a system. With it, you understand how to transform your environment. So we’re getting more ingenious, more curious. Architecture requires to be a Social Artist, smart and creative. It allows you to remain creative, thanks to your eyes or your hands.


The rest of the book and the physical economy will detail these approaches in a human way, in order to promote your creativity. Do not hesitate to create, during, then after reading or rereading this book.
Take a spoiled child’s example. He usually wants to destroy and then grab other gifts. If he does not seek the truth to grow, he destroys his surroundings. In 2014, we are led by powered children, whom wants that exceeds them intellectually. These leaders decided to create an emotion’s civilization through entertainment, starting in the 1960s, in the rich countries. This allowed them to grab resources for themselves, in order to own.

Someone who has a good situation does not need to operate his creativity. Yet he should gain. We’ve been trapped by this human defect.

The Church often speaks about the Blessed. Anyone who can be very happy is satisfied with the wealth linked to his truth’s research, wealth that allows trade, not trafficking. The Blessed promotes the others’ creativity, arousing their optimism, and associating society’s beings. It is the Blessed who builds society for the best. It is the righteous who creates Paradise. The righteous wants to respect our society’s principles, in order to grow, through goodness, challenging selfishness.

The progress’ culture allows seeking for truth, to grow. Solidarity and communication grows easier at home, if we have to build. We have grown because we know ourselves on crisis’ time.

Every knowledge, which allows to grow, allows people to become artistically rational, in order to become responsible, to do better than imperialism, that is to say to grow the other in order to grow himself, but above all to strengthen its ego, with creative reason. Thanks to faith and reason, sociability can make us geniuses.

It is important to inform about eternity’s notion of our civilization, which we understand with this eternity’s beauty. So we prefer to remember good examples, rather than bad ones. The oligarchy wants us to believe that their bad examples are good. Finance has turned beauty into a mere aesthetic notion.


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