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I am in trouble

Creative Common by SA License
Sunday 23 December 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Trouble is misunderstanding oneself. Mankind can understand each other better when its senses are strengthened by failure. But we have to seek the truth when we have these troubles that appear again.

Why are they coming back? What link can’t my mind make? Writing, meditation, dialogue with a soul mate, each ones associated with improvised music, allow us to follow each other, to understand sadness in order to create a future. It is about thinking that the future can only be optimistic because we are building it.

It has been determined that the mind is trapped in a part of the brain when we are in trouble. It is therefore about finding a way to link when all these disorders return, through what we have learned through writing, music, dialogue, meditation.

We have to think that our soul can be saved, that our body will then become dust. So our brains will also become dust. So we say to ourselves that we need to view ourselves into the future, to set long-term goals when we are passionate, when we like.

Then our soul will be transformed by our will for the future with our activities. We will be ready to free ourselves from the brain because our failures have allowed us to grow through our senses, understood by our poetry or by our songs.

As we age, our soul will reach us more and more, perhaps imposing itself on our brain. Only our tenfold senses will make us a child, able to understand both adults and children.

If we possess an inter-personal intelligence, we will understand as best we can. With the other intelligences we will view correctly or explain that we feel at the best. In any case, giving oneself will save.

My Notes

We’re all confused at first, more or less. Write about what you don’t understand from yourself. Talk to a sympathetic handicapped person about this.