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Industries and Schools

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Sunday 4 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Schools need industries to exist. An industry makes it possible to produce toys or tools serially, so in the same machine. Industries use large machines that serve as tools to make these series quickly. A series are identical objects. It is the industries that require researchers and engineers to design new products. This skilled work, which seeks to create new tools for humanity, is very wealthy.

Like agriculture, industry supports many people. Agriculture in the countryside also needs industries to automate difficult tasks. So, later on, we will spend our time automating the difficult tasks, and we will blossom looking for new robots.

We’ll just have to awaken our passion for that’s great, seeking to improve human’s limits. That’s just being a genius. We will meditate to talk in order to improve society. We’ll play music to be more manual than a robot.

My Notes

Visit an industry with your neighborhood or with the school.