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Linking into Grey

Creative Common by SA License
Sunday 4 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Almost is not all black and white. There are many grey’s shades. When at school we unlink, it is about linking in his mind. Any separation requires link.

Images can help to link. It’s about symbols. These are representative images. A word can be a symbol. After unlinking some representations, we will associate with images that symbolize ideas and words. After we define this dissociation, we’ll link and dream about the link.

Thus, when the mistress separates elements, we associate in our mind then, using, later, symbolic drawings.
For example, architectures can be drawn as symbols. So, it is about to visit this work, to understand the essential, in order to draw it.

Understanding a word turns the word into a symbol. The Greek and Latin languages make it possible to understand our words better.

My Notes

Try to understand how big words are built. This is about seeking for truth.