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Here are new answers to grow your creativity. After writing, it is about singing, conceiving around or playing accessible music, in order to flourish. When we create, we understand each other by our truth’s research. This book allows you to be interested about creativity, giving you the way to become or stay creative. You can then become more ingenious than an engineer, as interested and philosophical as an artist, as Plato conceived it.

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Seeking Word’s Secrets
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Article published on 1 September 2018

If you use words, but you do not know that they mean for you, nothing is better than an etymology’s dictionary, to satisfy your curiosity. In the same way that genealogy can anticipate the future, knowing words’ secret allows us to know where we are going.

Have you never wanted being interested about words? We are lead about knowing his surname’s meaning. Do you want to go further ? Look for the words’s secret of your last name? Word’s secret is a historical oblivion, not set on paper, or damaged. It stops the story of a word. However you will see that words are also a compromise. We do not know if certain words come from a certain language. Words make us intelligent because they make sense based on our original language. For example, Greek contains many words of thought. Greece was inspired by Buddhism.

Dialogue allows us to link our thoughts, to understand ourselves, to understand our interlocutor. If we do not know how he understands the words he uses, we can mislead ourselves. Knowing your interlocutor’s politics is essential.
In the same way, Plato defined to his own way the words he used. A personal notebook should also be used to define its terms used. If you want to create, it’s important to know the words’s definition you use, because your listener might not understand you.

In addition to the etymology’s dictionary, knowing Latin, especially ancient Greek, can bring you to be a true english. We have indexed our alphabet, formerly Latin, onto the Greek alphabet. The word alphabet is created from the first two Greek letters. Greek words have very mental definitions. They help to understand why it is important to link. Knowing the word symbol’s definition allows you to go further than that the school learns. Indeed, symbols help to grow ideas. The symbolic allows to untie, then bind, this in order to find the imaginary, then return to reality. The symbolic makes you want to bind in your dreams, so that they bring us closer to reality.

My Notes

Look for the words’ secrets that intrigued you.

Make yourself wanting to get an etymology’s dictionary through symbolism, constructing the words that we use.

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