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What’s Imagination ?

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Monday 19 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Imagination is the ability to create something new. So you can think you’re creating something new while imagining a new sentence. However, this new sentence may already have been said. But it’s not about being disappointed. Has it ever been heard anywhere else ? What is the source of our thinking ? Then our mind is happy to be into reality, if we have found that is known. If not, the question is whether our idea is scientifically sustainable, that is, whether we can adapt our idea to nature. It is about writing this idea in a newspaper, so as not to forget, because everything that is new has difficulty to get accepted. On the other hand, only the rebellious spirits increase the distant limits of humanity, whether a little, if they have accepted all the proposed ideas, or in large, if fundamental ideas, but false in reality, are challenged, thanks to his new theory. Rebellious imagination is that keeps humanity moving.

My Notes

Write about that you think about other people you don’t know.