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How to Succeed at School

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Wednesday 5 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

I had been taught that succeeding at school meant having a good mind. That’s not that I found. So is it about being successful at school or being successful at the rest of life?

Knowledge works like a friends’ network. We are according to that we already know. If a branch of our knowledge fails, the rest of the branch is questioned.

To succeed into the current education system, it is about knowing how to answer the right questions at the right time. It will therefore be necessary to read and write around the books used as a basis for the education system. Just ask the teacher that you estimate the readings he recommends.

It seems surprising that it is just about answering the questions. But that’s how our education system works. He still keeps Jules Ferry school system. This last has, along with others, led to the First World War. Our educational system has kept dissociation, the learning’s basis according to Jules Ferry.

Yet our economy works linking. It will be the students that will link in their minds, whom will have an economically desired spirit. To link, music helps to densify the mind. It will be noticed that there is now a little philosophy in kindergarten. Also meditation and philosophy make it possible to become a citizen by strengthening one’s ego. If you feel that your intelligence is not used at school, use it elsewhere.

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Write the scope of your knowledge ...