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Using Failure

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Monday 10 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

When we have an annoying problem to solve, a difficulty to overcome, it happens that emotion wins us. We can then consider everything, the worst and the best. But our acuity is doubled. We become aware of that is happening to us. Our mind can wake up.

Historically, our species has been able to understand the tides when it was time to survive. It is at the moment when our life is at stake that we double our acuity to solve the problems that remain suspended. We can also achieve this awakening our minds with hands and art, seeking to get a lot of a student whom can achieve the goal.

The self-made-men whom really started their business, with a productive intention, have for many experienced bitter failures. Yet it was the bitter failures that allowed them to organize themselves because they perceived the bad example not to follow. Thus, if they have solved a very difficult situation, they will become creative communicators and good managers.

No need to put yourself into such this situation. Indeed, failures will come sooner or later. But remember that the failure’s emotion becomes so strong that you become alert and more sensitive. It happens, even sometimes, that we no longer feel the world as before. We have grown. We could have regressed, however. Our species is capable of the best discovering its weaknesses.

While writing poetry, we understand our emotions. We then be aware to others, to understand what makes optimistic, seeking for truth. We can then raise ours mind, reading Schiller, Carey or Roosevelt to rise our creativity. With music, whose makes us thinking and acting, we believe that we can completely grow towards the cause that gives life, our truth’s research.

On prehistory, at the time of the first hominids, the human knew a tiny population. This population has experienced difficult situations. They had to analyze the tides to fish in South Africa. The human is able to completely reorganize his life if he experiences a difficult situation.

Our fault is, however, to believe that there is nothing to change, when we are well. We will even carefully avoid thinking about the problems we have encountered. This is like that. We are unconsciously trying to put ourselves in a difficult situation.

The more difficult the situation is, the sooner it commits you. Your truth’s research will then lead you wanting to repair some errors. Some will even be led to the general interest’s apology. Others will even campaign, even taking risks against the system, with good or bad manners.

Passion can awaken our sensitivity, whose strengthens our intelligence. The ones that are ardent are sensitive to their environment, to some of their aspects. When one is sick, one can see some things more easily. It is then a matter about meditating to understand this sensitivity. On the other hand, beware of sensitive moments, too hard or too long. Indeed, like every animals, everyone can remember their lives.

We must know that emotion wins us when we suffer a failure. That’s why it’s better, at the moment, to blossom than to be entertained. Being entertained creates emotions that prevent us from predicting. While engaging in a creative or militant approach, then going to the one whose can teach you the most, the one whose is different, you can predict the failures, to better understand your emotions. Nothing is better than learning creativity and the unknown, to get out of a failure.

While looking at the limits that we have learned, we see a lack of a certain knowledge. For example, if you have learned an instrument or tool, you have got more facility with another instrument or tool. Leisure or work is used to fill our gaps, to better predict future. It is important to be able to enjoy it.

At the end, we include every knowledge, to train for a new job. Those whom know, whom have failed, rise while working. But besides, they do not want it as a constraint. They become true researchers of their well being.

My Notes

Some days we are more sensitive than others. When your sensitivity allows it, look to understand the approach and creative capacity of those whom have faced annoying problems.